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Roan School Celebrates Holiday Family Night
teacher handing items to students in car

On a chilly Thursday evening, students, parents and staff gathered at Roan School for a heart-warming event that brought joy to many. The school hosted their first Holiday Drive-Thru Celebration in which drawstring backpacks with books, activity kits and other goodies were distributed to students. This gift was made possible through the Georgia Office of Student Achievement grant and several other local community partners.

Every year, Roan hosts its annual Family Nights in which families and students come together for a night of fun and hands-on activities. However, due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, the school had to figure out a creative way to continue to celebrate a well-known Roan tradition.

The school organized a holiday drive-thru in which each student received holiday crafts that correspond with the book they received along with a Christmas tree brownie donated by a local downtown business, Buckin' Burrito.

A total of 700 students, family members and staff attended the special holiday event. Families adorned their cars with festive holiday themes and Christmas lights.

Anne Fetzer, assistant principal at Roan School, said that the night was a success despite the challenges they have encountered this year.

"It was so great to see all of our staff and families embrace this new spin on family night by decorating their vehicles, participating in the event and spreading lots of holiday cheer!" said Fetzer.

teachers posing for photo

Caroline Woodason, director of school support, expressed her gratitude to members of the community who took action to help students receive an early Christmas gift.

"It was a collaboration between a lot of community members such as Engineered Floors and the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia," said Woodason. "They were able to make something great happen at Roan School".

Woodason is hopeful that this community-led initiative will continue to expand throughout all of the other elementary schools in the district.

"It was amazing," Woodason said. "It's great to be able to make a difference in the kid's lives."